V2.0 Progress Update - June 2017

It's been a bit quiet since we've announced that we're working on the big remake, so here's a quick update.

We're currently reworking some of the original models, and making a more interesting hospital environment. An option that's currently being investigated is whether procedural level generation would add enough to the game to make it better than a couple of hand crafted levels.

We have also been looking over the original design decisions and are considering what to keep and what to replace to make the game more enjoyable. Obviously there were quite a few bad decisions in the original version, with the very limited development time it got during the Ludum Dare.

One of the most common suggestions was to include music, and we can now confirm that the remake will include some very good music. More details will follow soon. I also hope to have some more visible changes soon, so I can show some nice gifs in the next progress update.

  — kscarlett

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